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If you want to knock the "X" ring out of your target, the SuperComp Ferret50 is the 50BMG rifle for you. Developed to meet the needs of the precision sniper, you can now benifit from our extensive research.

SWAP Rail: removable scope rail option.


The Ferret50 is a modular weapon system that allows the customer to choose the system componants that best suit the application. We manufacture complete rifles, AR upper conversions and steel lowers.



Basic overview:

True bolt-action receiver, three lug bolt with claw type extractor and plunger type ejector..

30MOA fixed scoperail for rigid support and extra elevation at long ranges. SWAP Rail (removable scoperail) optional.

Lothar Walther barrels - Supermatch stainless capable of .2MOA accuracy!

Barrels are free-floating in the vented handguard.

Fish Gill muzzle brake provides maximum recoil reduction and top accuracy.

Right or left hand bolt at no additional charge.

F-50/Multi-Caliber lower: steel construction provides maximum stability.

Adjustable competition-style trigger: breaks like glass at approx 1.5 lb! Drop-in match trigger available for your AR lower.

Adjustable 2-axis cheekrest - up and down/front to back tilt for a truly customized fit.

Detachable rear monopod - rock-solid construction with ergonomically placed thumb screw.

Detachable bipod - legs fold forward and adjust for height.

New finish:

Matte Black Duracoat over manganese phosphate (parkerize).


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Ferret50 Upper Conversion

Our upper receivers are designed for converting your AR series rifle to 50BMG. These same uppers are used in our rifle designs. Many of our customers who are just entering the 50BMG shooting sports start with these uppers that they put on their AR15. This allows them the flexability to modify their 50BMG rifle with our F-50 lowers, Supermatch barrels and other options as they choose.





SuperComp Ferret50 Rifles


Our Supercomp rifles are top of the line. They include all of the features that I include on my match rifle as well as most of the match rifles owned my customers who have taken trophies.

It is my philosophy that all the details make a difference, not just the big details but the small and invisable as well. At first glance you will notice the location of the bolt and monopod, these are strategically placed to minimize the necessary movement of the shooter to operate the rifle. These along with an elevated scoperail, adjustable cheek rest and many more highly refined features make the Ferret50 Rifle one of the nicest and most accurate long range systems available.




Sportsman Ferret50 Rifles

Our Sportsman rifles are the same as our Supercomp rifles except that they do not have a monopod.

Any of our rifles can have a front bench-rest rails installed instead of the bipod or you can get both, the bipod and rails. They are interchangable.

F-50/Multi-Caliber Lower

Our lowers are made from steel for maximum stability. The weight gain is an added plus in taming recoil. All of our lowers come standard with our competition-style trigger that is adjustable for creep and overtravel, and break like glass at approx 1.5 lb. The recoil pad is a Pachmayr 325. The pistol grip is a standard A2, but any AR type pistol grip can be used.


Above: F-50/Multi-Caliber Lower (AR-15 style)

Right: F-50/Multi-Caliber Lower (A-10 style)

Caliber specfic lowers available.

Standard color: matte black (optional finish shown)

Custom Ferret50 Rifles

2010 18" Supercomp Ferret50 Rifle - A/10 Style - Custom Duracoat

Some of our customers have special applications that we are happy to design our guns for. Many of the standard features of our products have come about by direct request from customers. If you have not found the perfect rifle, we will design and build it for you.




2004 Hunter Experimental


2005 Light Gun Class



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